Photo of 'Minister' Urinating in Public Goes Viral

Photo of 'Minister' Urinating in Public Goes Viral

Causing a major embarrassment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ambitious 'Swachh Bharat' initiative, a minister of his own party has been clicked urinating in public. What's more anguishing is that he reportedly defended his act by saying, 'its no big deal'!

A photo of Rajasthan State Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf (BJP) urinating on a roadside wall in Jaipur (state capital, and also called as 'Pink City' for its vibrant history) has gone viral on social media.  

According to rules, those urinating in public are find Rs. 200. But, being a State Minister, Saraf got away with the humiliating mistake, but not without feeling the heat from the Opposition, Congress party.

Congress' Rajasthan unit Vice President rebuked the minister saying that leaders like him give wrong messages to public with such shameful acts. She also made fun of how BJP leaders themselves are nullifying the purpose of Swacch Bharat programme despite spending crores of public money on the initiative.

Netizens are trolling that BJP saying that a Health Minister, who should advocate means of sanitation and hygiene, has resorted to such blatant act of urinating in public.

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