Two dead in California office shooting

Two dead in California office shooting

It looks like no one is spared in the US. From the past few months, shooting crimes have been on an uptrend. Be it a racial attack, or a robbery, citizens, and immigrants are equally threatened.

Many Indian students have become victims of racial killings, and workplace violence. The recent shooting attack took place at a workplace in Long Beach, Los Angeles (in California).

The authorities have confirmed that two people died in the shooting incident. After killing a co-worker, the gunman shot himself to death. The reported shooting incident took place in broad daylight, during the working hours.

This incident sent shivers down the spine to the people living in the community. The name and details of the victim are still unknown. There have been many speculations about the nationality of the victim.

The incident sheds light on the safety of the citizens and immigrants, especially the Indian community, who make up a large party of the immigrant numbers and equally contributing to the growth of the US economy.

An Indian student has been shot dead in Chicago yesterday, during a robbery at a local gas station. The shooting comes at a time amid growing attacks on Indians and Indian descent Americans.

One should note that, number of people Indians leaving to the US for education has been on declining course from last two years.

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