Unexpected TRP Boost For Telugu News Channels

Unexpected TRP Boost For Telugu News Channels

A couple of months back, there was almost dying of some amazing live updates and current affairs happening in Telugu states that could rake up TRPs for our news channels. That led to sensationalising almost every single news item and made extended stories out of them.

From the car Ivanka Trump will use for travel in Hyderabad, to the food she eats, the dress she wears, the black cat commandos who surround her and many other trivial details became news pieces, which are not at all a news if we have to say. And after she left India wrapping #GES2017, again the news sounded dull.

Like a silver lining in some darkness, Pawan Kalyan announced Chalo Re Chal tour just after a short gap, thereby helping every TV channel eat more food, we mean more TRPs. And the Janasena President's satires on Parakala, the backstabbers of Prajarajyam talk, his reference to Paritala and Gundu rumour, his skullcap at Guntur, everything became a super hit news.

And as Pawan's news is getting exaggerated as our channels are ruminating and chewing it more, family audiences felt a bit of choker. And the saviour came in the name of Swathi, who killed her husband only to play a 'Yevadu' movie like drama to bring her paramour into husband's place. This news took all the ratings to a high as the news continued things like a TV serial.

And then, unfortunately, the death of Vijay Sai by committing suicide became the next big dish for these TRP hungry strategists. And the comments made by Vijay's father, his estranged wife Vanitha Reddy, comments of celebs on his death, and other dependant stories started adding more and more TRPs.

In the end, when audiences are feeling like excessively fed, the wine came in the form of Bandla Ganesh and ex-heroine Roja exchange of foul language on a live debate. All these back to back stories has given unexpected TRP boost as almost all the media agencies cashed on the stories available.

This unexpected TRP boost is however a short lived thing because 'sensationalism' won't live for a longer times.

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