One year of #Demonetisation: Ppl Still Support Modi's Move!

One year of #Demonetisation: Ppl Still Support Modi's Move!

Even as Opposition parties led by Congress are making a huge cry over Narendra Modi's brainchild initiative on Nov 8,2016 - Demonetisation, a drive to eliminate black money, an online survey by a leading financial daily Economic Times revealed an other side to it. Commemorating the controversial move's first anniversary, ET has come up with an online survey that stated that only 32 per cent feel Demonetisation is a failure.

The survey results are shocking as it says that people have still supported Demonetisation drive and still hopeful that it would show its results on black money holders sooner or later.

When an online poll was held on 'Overall how do you rate demonetisation?', 38 percent have opined that it was success, whereas 30 percent said it had mixed results. Only 32 percent feel it was a failure. It is said that over 10,000 people have participated in the poll. Overall, the survey results are refreshing for Modi and BJP. At the same time, BJP has to take the cognisance of the 30 percent who stated that Demonetisation had mixed results.

Source: Economic Times

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