Las Vegas Attack: ISIS Claims, FBI Puzzled

Las Vegas Attack: ISIS Claims, FBI Puzzled

In less than 12 hours after Las Vegas terror attack by the man identified by police, Stephen Paddock, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) issued a statement claiming the credit for the attack. This deadly shooting killed at least 59 and injured more than 400 as Stephen Paddok opened fire on an outdoor country music concert.

After the semi-official news agency Amaq claimed ISIS's credit in this terror attack, FBI has said that it does not believe the involvement of ISIS, though the group later added that Paddock converted to Islam months ago. FBI still sticks to its word saying that Paddock does not fit the profile of a young ISIS recruit.

Experts who follow the group closely say that when ISIS claims responsibility for attacks in West, there typically was some kind of connection between the attacker and the group. This raises more doubts on Las Vegas attack links to ISIS, as the group often declined to take ownership for attacks that were linked to it earlier.

Experts believe that if ISIS claims responsible for attacks not done by it's supporters directly, it will lose it's own credibility among the followers who already distrust it and the same way, it hardly can change anything with brainwashed supporters.

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