Son's Selfie with Gun Kills Minister's Gunman

Son's Selfie with Gun Kills Minister's Gunman

In a tragic incident, AP Minister Adinarayana Reddy's gunman died in a gunfire mishap in Kadapa today.

As per reports, after finishing his duty, Adinarayana Reddy's gunman Chandrasekhar Reddy went to his residence in Ravindra Nagar, Kadapa. Police officials claimed that the gun had misfired while Reddy had been cleaning it. Although, the bleeding constable was hurried to hospital, he died on the way itself as the bullet rammed directly into his chest.

The locals however differed with the version of police. They said that the gun had misfired when Chandrasekhara Reddy's son had tried to take a selfie with the gun. The kid accidentally pulled the trigger and a bullet rammed into his father's chest who was sitting right in front of him, divulged the locals.

Blame the selfie mania of a child or the negligence of a parent in handing a loaded gun to his child, a life has lost and two children have become fatherless.

Just the other day, we reported about a tragic incident where a student had drowned in a pond while his friends had been busy taking selfies.

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