Mondi Naa Kodukulam, Banda Naa Kodukulam: Paritala Sriram

Mondi Naa Kodukulam, Banda Naa Kodukulam: Paritala Sriram

Slain leader Paritala Ravi was one of the most powerful and influential TDP leaders in Anantapur. The political legacy of Paritala Ravi is taken up by his wife Sunitha, but elder son Paritala Sriram is expected to enter main stream politics in coming elections.

Sriram is being active in political contexts and meetings while he accompanied his mother many a time. It was long back when the young leader spoke at a public meeting, addressing Paritala followers and fans at his father's vardhanthi. His speeches at TDP mini Mahanadu too attracted public. But the latest one is different and a bit aggressive.

Sriram's latest speech at a public meeting in Anantapur was aggressive and few words from him connected to the public there instantly. His words 'Memu Mondi Naa Kodukulam, Banda Naa Kodukulam' gave immense thrill to the public around. The speech following those words could not be heard for sometime as public went gaga and kept cheering loud.

The young leader continued his speech, "those who do not harm us are our people and everyone who wishes to harm our people is our enemy." Sriram asked cadre to move ahead with Paritala's inspiration and once again mentioned that party cadre and workers are his real strength. This aggressive speech made the young leader much closer to supporters.

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