Jagan's Lotus Pond in Amaravati

Jagan's Lotus Pond in Amaravati

After a long long wait, YS Jagan finally decided to set up his party office in the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

Call it an advise from his adviser Prashant Kishor or his party-men or due to pressure from rival TDP leaders, Jagan convinced to start his own party office in AP after sounding defeat in Nandyal, Kakinada.

A temporary office in Vijayawada would be opened immediately and it is slated for the inauguration by Jagan either on Sep 22nd or Sep 27th depending on Jagan's schedule. Meanwhile, plans are afloat to begin a permanent office-cum-residence in Amaravati. During the Assembly sessions, it will be easy for Jagan if he has local residence. So, finally, Jagan conceded to build a palace for himself and party in Amaravati.

After turning down half-acre of land provided by AP government to set up the political office, Jagan is now sourcing money to build a lavish palace to accommodate both his office, residence in Tadepalli. This will be a la Lotus Pond palace in posh Banjara Hills. In fact, Jagan is planning bigger, lavish one in AP with latest technology. Talk is that well-known architects have given the plan to Jagan already. The new permanent office-cum-residence would cost a bomb to Jagan.

Sep 20, 2017 ధన్ రాజ్ పై దీక్ష సంచలన ఆరోపణలు ‘బిగ్ బాస్’ షో నుంచి ఎలిమినేట్ అయిన వాళ్లు.. బయటికి రాగానే పెద్ద సెలబ్రెటీలైపోయినట్లు వాళ్లను టీవీ ఛానెళ్ల వాళ్లు చుట్టు ముట్టేయ… View Full Article

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