Nallari Brothers' Super Sketch

Nallari Brothers' Super Sketch

The Nallari brothers - the last CM of United AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy and his younger brother Kishore Kumar Reddy, who had faced humiliating defeat in 2014 Assembly election, are reportedly hatching scrupulous plans for their political comeback.

Kiran especially had been staying distant from active politics ever since 2014 polls but rumors of his joining ruling party at the state (TDP) or Centre (BJP) continue to surface occasionally. He however has been maintaining stoic silence and has never spoken a thing about his joining any party.

Now, fresh speculations have gathered momentum that Kiran is planning to join BJP and his younger brother, Kishore is speculated to be veering towards TDP ahead of the 2019 Assembly election. Will the two brothers really join separate parties?

Speaking to media, Kishore Kumar Reddy has recently opened up on rebooting his political career but neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of joining TDP, when asked. Kiran Kumar Reddy on the other hand is holding all the cards but he has left people guessing with his silence.

Since TDP and BJP both are in power, and considering that both are allies, the parties are expected to contest the 2019 elections together. TDP will have to give a few MLA and MP tickets in AP to BJP, and Kiran may be targeting to join BJP and get the background support of TDP too. He however is keeping mum and isn't expected to reveal his cards until the election time approaches.

Sep 15, 2017 మాస్ రాజాతో మళ్లీ మాస్ డైరెక్టర్ ఎన్నడూ లేని విధంగా మాస్ రాజా రవితేజ కెరీర్లో దాదాపు రెండేళ్లు గ్యాప్ వచ్చేసింది. ఎప్పుడో 2015 చివర్లో ‘బెంగాల్ టైగర్’తో పలకరించిన ర… View Full Article