Maha Chandi Yagam To Make YS Jagan CM!

Maha Chandi Yagam To Make YS Jagan CM!

YSRCP party workers, affiliators and sympathisers are planning to conduct a massive Yagam that is believed to make their leader the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. 'Maha Rudra Sahita Sahasra Chandi Yagam' is being held in Nagole, Hyderabad aimed to make Jagan Mohan Reddy as the CM in 2019.

The Yagam is going to continue till the announcement of the election results i.e two years from now. The first day of the Yagam was attended by YSRCP leader and former TTD Chairman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy who took the Sankalpam.

The Yagam is going to be held without a break for two years and it is being conducted under the guidance of chief priest Nimmapeddi Sivaramakrishna and other priests. The Yagam is conducted by Vijaya Sarada Reddy and Varaprasad Reddy.

Of late, Jagan has been getting close to seers, Godmen and Mathas. His association with Sarada Peetham in Visakhapatnam has been talking point. Recently, Jagan sought blessings of Chinna Jeeyer Swamy by touching his feet. Looks like, Jagan and his party is banking on God as last attempt to come to power in 2019.

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