Vivo & Oppo Stores Destroyed in Support of Indian Army

Vivo & Oppo Stores Destroyed in Support of Indian Army

Some unidentified people is Pune, Maharashtra have destroyed the stores of Chinese mobile brands- Vivo and Oppo, in order to express their solidarity to Indian army.

It is known that Indian army is at loggerheads with Chinese army at the Border. The situation is so sensitive that huge troops have been deployed by both the countries on round the clock security.

India is a major market for Chinese products. Not just mobile phones, all sorts of electronics, apparels.. there is an irremovable presence of Chinese products in every business sector in India. Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo have zoomed into Indian market in the last few years with utterly low-priced phones and have become major players. Vivo has even become the sponsor of IPL.

Netizens argue that by tearing down the posters and destroying a few stores, the agitators are not damaging those Chinese companies but the properties and investment of fellow Indians. They call this a foolish act, pointing out that even i-phone gets assembled in China.

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