3 Indians in Forbes Highest Paid Celebs 2017 List

3 Indians in Forbes Highest Paid Celebs 2017 List

Shah Rukh Khan and Khiladi Akshay Kumar have once again made it to the Forbes list of world's highest paid celebs after last year.

The list has Shah Rukh featuring at the 65th position with USD38 million in earnings. Salman Khan, the new entrant, is ranked 71 with USD37 million earnings in the past twelve months. Akshay Kumar clinched the 80th place with USD35.5 million earnings. Major part of the earnings of these stars come from brand endorsements.

Last year, Shah Rukh ranked 86th with earnings of USD33 million, while Akshay occupied the 94th spot with USD31.5 million earnings. Both the stars have bettered their earnings and also ranks this year. Amitabh Bachchan, who found a place last year, failed to do so this year. Salman Khan is the new entrant this year.

Here is the list of Forbes Top 10 highest-paid celebs 2017

1. Diddy, USD130 million (Musician, U.S.)

2. Beyonce, USD105 million (Musician, U.S.)

3. J.K. Rowling, USD95 million (Author, U.K.)

4. Drake, USD94 million (Musician, U.S.)

5. Cristiano Ronaldo, USD93 million (Athlete, Portugal)

6. The Weeknd, USD92 million (Musician, Canada)

7. Howard Stern, USD90 million (Personality, U.S.)

8. Coldplay, USD88 million (Musicians, U.K.)

9. James Patterson, USD87 million (Author, U.S.)

10. LeBron James, USD86 million (Athlete, U.S.)

65. Shah Rukh Khan, USD38 million (Actor, India)

71. Salman Khan, USD37 million (Actor, India)

80. Akshay Kumar, USD35.5 million (Actor, India)

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