Katrina effect: A number can ruin your peace of mind

Katrina effect: A number can ruin your peace of mind

A Gurgaon-based software professional, Shipra Seth, lost her peace of mind because of a cellphone number, which has been used for an advertisement campaign of a soft drink.

Since four months, Shipra Seth has been receiving thousands of phone calls and SMSs daily from people all over the country addressing her as Katrina. She was fed with clarifying that she is not Katrina Kaif.

Shipra Seth came to know about that the soft drink company 'Slice' has printed her phone number in their advertisement campaign, which says 'Katrina ka number label ke andar' (Katrina's number behind the label). When she contacted the Company and asked them to remove her number, they said that they didn't use her number in their campaign and they aren't responsible for the calls she has been getting.

After that, Shipra Seth collected the labels of the soft drink in which her number was printed from some of the callers and slapped a legal notice on the firm for ruining her peace of mind. These phone calls and text messages had caused severe mental trauma to the software professional, who was on medical leave since January 4 upon the advice of doctors, due to the back pain problem.

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