Huge Dip in Foreign Students to US Colleges

Huge Dip in Foreign Students to US Colleges

The ongoing racial attacks on Asian people, especially on Indians, is taking a huge toll on the applicants to the United States' colleges which get a large number of foreign applicants every season. There's a huge dip in foreign students to the US colleges and it's said that over 40 per cent colleges saw the decline of foreign students, according to a survey by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars.

It's estimated that the foreign students bring as high as 32 billion USD each year into the US economy and many of the US colleges whose programmes rely largely on international students are anxious over this year's revenue.

Portland State University, Oregon University are a few to name besides many other universities. Ohio State said to have seen a great drop of 8.4 per cent in international applicants to its graduate programmes and the biggest decline was among students from China.

President Trump's travel ban is said to be adding to the woes of the US universities. Since the deadline applications at several colleges had passed before Trump's travel ban was announced, the universities are now worried that there could be decline in the yield - students who enroll after getting admission offer from the University.

On other hand, Muslim students are displaying great fear before applying for US universities. They're apparently worried that America has an anti-Muslim attitude and this is worrying the parents of the Muslim students.

On the whole, 40 per cent US colleges are estimating a dip in foreign applicants this season.

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