Good News: No cap on visa for Indian students

Good News: No cap on visa for Indian students

While the United States president Donald Trump and American Congress is tightening rules for H1-B visa holders for students from different parts of world, the United Kingdom is attempting to ease out the visa rules for those who would like to pursue higher education in their country. In fact, they have come up with a new agenda of 'No Cap On Visas' - means, who ever seeks visa, they will get a chance to study in UK.

Announcing the removal of cap on study visas, the British High Commissioner to India Dominic Asquith said, 'we are offering scholarships to 600 students who are dreaming to study in top universities of UK. The number of people who fly to UK has slumped after they tweaked their policy which asked them to return homes soon after finishing the course, unlike US.

Observing the very low numbers and continuous request by Indian government, they have decided to take off the cap on visas. Mr. Asquith, who was in New Delhi to participate in UN Secretary General's high level panel on Women's Economic Empowerment, has announced the good news.

On other hand, Prime Narendra Modi has urged the US congressional team to have an open mind and ease H1-B rules for skilled Indian students. Both the countries have good scope for providing skilled employment, yet they are worried that Indians are big threat to their jobs.

Feb 10, 2017 కొత్త షాక్ఃగ్రీన్ కార్డు ఇక క‌లే! అమెరికా నూత‌న అధ్య‌క్షుడు డొనాల్డ్ ట్రంప్ పుణ్యమా అని గ్రీన్‌కార్డు అందని ద్రాక్ష కానుంది. అమెరికాలో గ్రీన్‌కార్డుల జారీని కఠి… View Full Article

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