In New H-1B Visa Bill, Foreigners Educated In US Will Get Preference

In New H-1B Visa Bill, Foreigners Educated In US Will Get Preference

A new Visa bill to be soon introduced in the US Congress could potentially hurt Indian IT companies if it gets passed.

The bill will give preference to the foreigners studying in the US universities over foreign workforce for securing an H-1B visa. If the bill gets passed, those having US Citizenship and Immigration Services to prioritize will be given preference for the first time annual allocation of H-1B visas. The local and those foreigners studying in the US will get benefit but the Indian IT fraternity will receive a rude shock.

The new visa programme has been put forth to crackdown some firms that have been hiring foreign labor, mainly Indians, as they come relatively cheaper.

"We need programmes dedicated to putting American workers first. When skilled foreign workers are needed to meet the demands of our labour market, we must also ensure that visa applicants who honed their skills at American colleges and universities are a priority over the importation of more foreign workers," one of the US Senators batting for this new bill said.

"For years, foreign outsourcing companies have used loopholes in the laws to displace qualified American workers and facilitate the outsourcing of American jobs. The H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act would end these abuses," he added.

Source: NDTV Profit

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