Houseful board at Chanchalguda Jail

Houseful board at Chanchalguda Jail

The Chanchalguda jail authorities have written a letter to the ACB court saying that the central prison is completely full with inmates and no place is left to accommodate new prisoners.

Chanchalguda jail has around 8 barracks. As most of them were old buildings, the authorities has demolished 4 barracks which are in out of shape and constructed 4 new barracks in the same place. Now, the authorities were planning to demolish the remaining 4 old barracks and construct them again. So, only 4 new barracks available now to accommodate prisoners. Till now, the jail authorities have managed the situation by filling the inmates in these 4 barracks. But, they were unable to accommodate any new inmates.

Due to the CBI cases, there is a heavy rush of VVIPs at the Chanchalguda jail. As all of them were getting permissions from the court to treat them as special category prisoners, the authorities have accommodated nearly 20 VVIPs at the Old Hospital Barrack.

With the heavy rush of inmates, the jail authorities have informed to the court that they can't accommodate the prisoners of ACB cases. They even said that due to lack of space in the Chanchalguda jail, they were sending the prisoners to the Cherlapally jail.

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