After NDTV, Two More TV Channels Banned!

After NDTV, Two More TV Channels Banned!

After NDTV India, the Union Government has ordered a blackout of two more channels over alleged violations of its rules.

'News Time Assam' a regional channel will go off air on November 9 for multiple violations of programming guidelines. The Ministry of Information and broadcasting has also directed that another 'Careworld TV' be taken off air for seven days from November 9 for allegedly broadcasting objectionable content.

According to a government order dated November 2, News Time Assam is accused of revealing the identity of a minor who was brutally tortured while working as a domestic servant.

The order said that the visuals telecast by the channel appeared to compromise the privacy and dignity of the child while also exposing him to harm and stigma. A showcause notice was issued to the channel in October 2013, it said.

The channel has been also accused of showing images of dead bodies.

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