Botsa's Plan To Hammer T-Congress Leaders

Botsa's Plan To Hammer T-Congress Leaders

More than CM Kiran Kumar, his words are becoming golden for the Delhi leaders, hammering the hopes of T-Congress leaders. The PCC Cheif is making some quick moves to make the high command listen to him at all circumstances.

Botsa Satyanarayana informed the high-command that all the seven constituencies will be swept away by Congress party in the coming by-polls. In reality the situation is completely opposite to this and it is well known to everyone. However, Botsa convinced authorities that the T-ministers, MLAs, MPs of the ruling party are taking proper care to ensure a smooth win. Analysts are saying that though Botsa knows it is a tough nut for Congress to crack these by-polls, he just want to make T-MPs scapegoats in the whole drama.

If the congress loses then it will proved by a conviction that T-MPs are not working hard to save the plight of Congress in AP. With that, Botsa's words will make a lot of difference to high-command in selecting Rajyasabha candidates and contestants for upcoming second set of by-polls. This  is something the Congress leaders from Telangana have to watch out.

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