Botsa's rude behaviour hurts Media

Botsa's rude behaviour hurts Media

PCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana's comments came as a bitter shock to mediapersons during a pressmeet in New Delhi.

When media pointed out that late YSR had once said that he will take complete responsibility if the Congress party loses election, Botsa refuted them saying,"I can't understand, what you are talking about? Tell me, in which by-election did YSR has said that! Show me that clipping, if you have! YSR never said that. Without knowing the facts, you are blaming us and talking as you like. If you can show me that YSR has made that comments in any of the by-elections, I will accept my fault. I'm giving you 1 week, you show me that clip. Please don't talk anymore."

Is the by-election results, not a referendum for the Congress government's performance? Botsa shot back,"When did I said that? You (a reporter) came here now, in the middle of the pressmeet. If you rewind the footage that's been recorded till now, you will come to know about my version."

In case if Chiranjeevi gets nominated to Rajya Sabha, will the Congress party chose to nominate another leader K Kesava Rao to the Upper House who belongs to the same community? Botsa: "I had already spoken about the Rajya Sabha elections at the very begining of this pressment. If you ask me anything related to that, I will not respond".

Why some of the Congress leaders were not participating in the by-election campaign? Botsa: "You have very little information with you. And you don't speak by collecting full information".

Some of the your party leaders in Telangana were appealing to the people not to vote for Congress in by-election? Botsa: "I have no idea about it. Such incidents haven't come to my notice".

Gap between Telanagana Congress MPs and MLAs has widened? Botsa: "There's no such gap. You are in Delhi right now, so you don't know about it. If you ask the people in Hyderabad, they will explain to you.".

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