Increasing Popularity For TDP In T-Region

Increasing Popularity For TDP In T-Region

While the popular leaders from Telangana region had predicted a dismal show of Telugu Desam Party here, people are proving the other side of it. Is TDP becoming the best alternative for people other than the ruling Congress and power hungry TRS?

TDP's campaigning in the intense Warangal region of Station Ghanpur is yielding fruits for them. Kadiyam Srihari, the TDP contestant for the constituency has received a warm welcome from the women of this village today. By brushing tilak against his forehead, the village women showed their complete confidence in the leadership of Telugudesam. Accommodating Srihari, TDP MLA Revuri Prakashreddy fired against the TRS party that they are misleading people with the fear of losing elections.

TDP cadre received hearty welcome at Mahabubnagar too, where Marri Janardhanreddy is campaigning aggressively for the polls. Politcal analysts are saying that the splits in congress and TRS' failure in developing the constituencies they have won previously may help TDP to get maximum votes. Stay connected for more interesting updates!

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