Upasana's Favorite, 'Couple Workout'

Upasana's Favorite, 'Couple Workout'

Mega power star Ram Charan's wife Upasana, who is known to share memorable and adorable moments of her day-to-day life with fans on social media, has now posted an interesting video.

In the short video, Charan and Upasana were seen doing treadmill running side by side. She named it 'Couple workout' and said that it was her favorite workout, just for the reason of doing it with her beloved better half. She hoped that the couple often gets time to do workout together.  

"My most favourite form of workout is the couple workout, when Mr.C sets the goals, wish we could do this more often #WeekendGoals #couplegoals," Upasana shared.

It is known that Charan has been working hard to get the enviable physique for his on the sets film 'Dhruva'. Upasana, who is also known for being a health conscious lady, seems to be competing with her husband in the fitness aspect.  

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