Chiru effect: Kapus deserting Congress

Chiru effect: Kapus deserting Congress

After the merger of PRP with Congress, the majority of the Kapu Community leaders who served the National party for decades has felt insecure at some stage. The latest name to add to this list is that of former TTD chairman Adikesavulu Naidu.

Adikesavulu Naidu is one among the Congress aspirants for the party nomination to the Rajya Sabha. With the reports of Chiru likely to be nominated to the Upper House as promised to him by the High Command during the time of merger, the chances of nomination of Adikesavulu
looks bleak since both the leaders belong to the same Kapu community.

So, Adikesavulu Naidu is looking towards the TDP to fulfill his objective, if his recent meeting with TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu in Kuppam is any indication. Though he stated that it was just a courtesy call, there seems to be something going on. If sources are to be believed, Adikesavulu is willing to return to TDP if Chandrababu assures nominating him to Rajya Sabha. Congress leadership should at least now take the damage control steps, or else many more leaders mights follow Adikesavulu's path.

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