Srilakshmi locks herself in Jail room

Srilakshmi locks herself in Jail room

Disgraced IAS Officer Srilakshmi stood away from the celebrations in the Chanchalguda prison on Thursday. The inmates actively participated in the cultural programmes and played games to celebrate both International Women's Day and Holi in the jail premises.

However, Srilakshmi who is an under trial prisoner in the illegal mining scam involving Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) had decided not to step out from her barrack. A noted TV Channel has come forward to shoot a 1 hour programme with the inmates. knowing  this, Srilakshmi chose to stay away from the media glare.

The prison officials, however, clarified that it's not mandatory for the inmates to participate in celebrations inside the prison.

The CBI arrested Srilakshmi for her alleged role in the illegal mining by the OMC. Cases were filed against her under sections 420, 120 (B) and 385 of IPC. Srilakshmi played a key role in the allotment of Antha Gangamma Konda (AGK) mines to OMC, which helped company's MD former
Karnataka minister Gali Janardhan Reddy to amass wealth illegally.

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