Jagan Should Learn Lessons From Rahul

Jagan Should Learn Lessons From Rahul

More than anyone, Jagan and YSR Party will exercise more pressure in the coming by-polls as the results are an acid test for his 'image'. But, where did Jagan got his 'own' image? Observers say it is time for him to pull a leaf out of Congress 'prince' Rahul Gandhi's book for study.

Till date, there is no single speech of Jagan without mentioning the name of his father YSR or the welfare schemes launched by his father. With Jagan being the most eligible youth politician, people are advising him to redefine his poll strategies. For example, the glory of his forefather have not worked for Rahul in UP.

Unlike him, Samajwadi's prince Akhilesh stood himself in the battle-ground, taking a note of each and every problem of the society before promising a solution for them, if he is voted. In the same pattern, Jagan also should try to talk with people and come up with solutions or say election promises to score in the polls, rather always mouthing 'sensational' words to criticize the government and opposition. Other than the CBI cases, the low turnouts of people for his Kovur campaign is said to be annoying him these days. It's really a tough time for Jagan, unless people remember YSR as their good Samaritan.

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