Million March @ 1yr! No New Statues Yet

Million March @ 1yr! No New Statues Yet

The barbaric acts of few 'patriotic' people have completely changed the color of the movement and its intention. Central Government's outlook on the T-agitation was altercated after this incident and pushed the demand further into an abnormal delay.

March 10, 2011. A million pro-Telangana activists are expected to deadlock Hyderabad city from all sides to protest the Government's anti Telangana stand. The incident went other way with no one understanding whether it is intentionally planned or just happened like that. Tank Bund's jewels of attraction, the iconic statues setup by  NT Ramarao were smashed up by the activists before throwing them into Hussain Sagar. Million March has turned into a mob of attackers looting the city. Police guarding  the place had remained silent watching this cinema on a 35mm 'real eye' screen. The protestors mercilessly uprooted the statues of even purely religious people like Annamacharya, Vemana and Kshetrayya taking the total number of destroyed to 17.

Chief Minister Kiran and Chiranjeevi breathed fire on the issue at that time before promising their re-installation in short period. Unfortunately, the leaders have forgotten the issue for a while and are now secretly planning to launch them to gain popularity amidst upcoming elections. On the other side, T-JAC heads like Kodandaram are still backing the protestors and their 'acts' saying, 'as the police locked up our top brass, the mob lost control over their actions'. This is the story of educated people living in a 'developing country' under the leadership of 'undeveloped' leaders!

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