Samajwadi Started 'Goonda Rajyam' Again

Samajwadi Started 'Goonda Rajyam' Again

Just after three days of getting elected, the Samajwadi Party cadre is back to their routine, the 'rowdyism' and 'Goonda Rajyam'. Inncoent people are falling prey for the aftermath after winning.

In a rather ugly move, the SP activists have set the houses of a community in Sitapur constituency on fire. As the persons from these families voted for the  independent candidate, Samajwadi took this extreme step. On part of their celebrations at Jhansi town, the SP scribes attacked the media injuring one journalist critically.

Shockingly, at another winning place, SP cadres have fired bullets into air celebrating the triumph while the bullet has taken the life of an innocent kid.  Will Akhilesh now stand to his words uttered during election campaigns that no one can take law into hands and their government will punish such violators stringently?  People on the other hand are disappointed with the 'goonda acts' of Samajwadi cadres as opposition used this chance to corner the government even before it is formed.

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