'Samajwadi Party Has No Match In AP'

'Samajwadi Party Has No Match In AP'

Political parties from Andhra Pradesh have started assessing the results in coming by-polls with the results of UP LS Polls in mind. Political analysts say that there is no match for Samajwadi party here, for the kind of manifestos they had.

When all the parties including some regional and national supported the bifurcation of Uttar Pradesh, it is Mulayam Singh led Samajwadi that backed out an 'united state' theory. There is no such party in Andhra Pradesh now to stand against the T-demand. Earlier, Prajarajaym Party stood tall with its 'united' formula and had Chiru not made the merger with Congress, maybe the equations in the state might have changed.

During his recent campaign, Chandrababu said that he will not worry even if Telangana is given or not given. This shows that TDP is also a pro-bifurcation party and hence there comes no match to Samajwadi in AP, the analysts stated. On the flip side, the feud between Congress, TRS and YSR Congress may help TDP in flying away with triumph as people are unable to decide between those three.

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