Debate: Difference Between Ramoji Rao and Jagan

Debate: Difference Between Ramoji Rao and Jagan

Rather looking them at a political angle, if one could analyze both these as 'media barons', interesting things are coming out. With Ramoji's 'eenadu' publishing insider reports about Jagan's scams, 'Sakshi' is also planning to assault this TDP supporter.

There were reports in 'Eenadu' about how Jagan had cheated his shareholders to pull out huge investments for his businesses. Reportedly, Jagan used the services of a top notch international auditing company to lure shareholder to buy stakes with thousands of rupees which are not at all valued to 5-10 rupees. YSR Congress party counter attacked that Ramoji too did the same thing by selling his companies stakes at 5000 rupees when the market price is 5 rupees.

But, analysts say that Ramoji has done a pure business by investing his time and money for years before selling the company for a profit. 'Jagan had simply lured investors to buy shares in his company for hefty prices and thereby started his business with their money and spending no single penny from his pocket. Sleuths are saying that YSR Party is fearing an all round loss of the party in the coming elections with Eenadu's sensational writings exposing truth.

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