Young Girls Face Exploitation On 'Holi'

Young Girls Face Exploitation On 'Holi'

Voyeur pics have always had a special place for some fanatic 'porn' lovers who humiliate others' privacy for their pleasure. The humiliation has now extended to local towns and cities and 'Holi' is a big day for it.

Some crazy youth are taking the pictures of their friends (especially girls) drenching in wet colors during the auspicious day of Holi to use them for obvious reasons. In the name of fun, they are uploading these pics to internet which spread like a virus in few hours. The photos always look a bit sleazy with complete inner wear of girls traced out around curves due to soaking wet color. Not only these pics humiliate the modesty of a woman, but they also throw mud against our culture, say activists.

While popular magazines and newspapers publish the pics of color soaked sexy celebrities, young people are finding it a fantasy in uploading their girl-friends' pics. The temptation of youth is unable to resist with latest electronic gadgets doing this 'fetish' job for them.

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