Jagan to bailout Jayaprada from financial crisis

Jagan to bailout Jayaprada from financial crisis

Veteran actress Jayaprada has invested all her hard-earned money in Uttar Pradesh polls, hoping that her party Rashtriya Lok Manch would make an impact on the voters and will form the government, if not plays the role of a king-maker.

However, Jayaprada's dreams got shattered with the dismal performance of the Rashtriya Lok Manch party in the recently concluded polls. None of the 360 candidates fielded by party have won, and the worst that had happened is the defeat of Jayaprada in Rampur in the hands of her arch rival and Samajwadi Party candidate Mohammed Azam Khan.

The talk in the political circles is that YSR Congress party president YS Jagan has come forward to help Jayaprada, who is facing neck-deep trouble. The Kadapa MP has promised Jayaprada that he would bailout her from financial crisis, if she joins his party and takes up the responsibility of YSR Congress Women Wing President. Sources say, the one-time glam doll is more than willing to join YSR Congress. After all, she has no other choice!!!

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