Is YSR Losing Sympathy Among Voters?

Is YSR Losing Sympathy Among Voters?

Many people, especially congress senior leaders like JC Diwakar Reddy are saying a solid 'YES' for the question. The magic of YSR may not repeat this time with the public, it appears.

With Jagan's illegal deeds exposing to a bigger level each day, people are slowly getting furious about the happening of YSR regime. More than convincing the people that government is cornering him Maha Neta's son is busy planning to come out of the 'CBI trap' safely. Highly placed sources revealed that the turnout of voters for Jagan's meetings is comparatively low with that of Telugudesam's meetings. May be his thousands of crores scam-news have affected the minds of people who once gave a special place to YSR in their hearts. On the other hand, all the welfare schemes launched by YSR, except a couple are ending up at the door of scams.

If people lost goodwill on Congress, that means they lost benevolence on YSR too, a politician stated. We have to wait until these by-elections get over to know the exact feelings of 'voter'.

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