Women's Day Special: Ponnam Attacks Women!

Women's Day Special: Ponnam Attacks Women!

Karimnagar Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar is back in the news for attacking women on Women's Day. This is a verbal attack, much powerful than a physical assault.

The Mahila Congress section of the town organized a special meeting with Ponnam as chief guest to celebrate 'International Woman's Day". Rather just praising the greatness of being a woman, Ponnam accused them for the 'atrocities' happening on them. 'Women are the main reason for female foeticide. No woman these days is willing to give birth to a female child', Ponnam attacked in a stringent way. Both the organizers and the party's woman cadre went jaw dropped with the words of him.

However, analysts agree with Ponnam as many mother-in-laws are forcing their daughter-in-laws to abort a female fetus or to leave female child in hospital dustbins after delivery. Being a mother and woman, forcing her daughter-in-law to do such insane acts is the worst part and statistics too support that woman is the main enemy for woman!

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