Jayaprada faces shameful defeat

Jayaprada faces shameful defeat

Veteran actress Jayaprada faced a humiliating defeat in Rampur, where she contested on the ticket of newly floated Rashtriya Lok Manch party. She was defeated by a fair margin in the hands of her arch rival and Samajwadi Party candidate Mohammed Azam Khan, who distributed nude pictures of the actress during the last polls.

About 360 candidates were fielded by Amar Singh, the president of the party, in the UP polls. Sadly, none of its candidates were able to win atleast a single seat all over UP. Though Jayaprada and Amar Singh campaigned extensively, they failed to influence voters who gave a thumping majority (224 seats) to Mulayam Singh's Samajwadi Party.

Mulayam Singh has ousted Amar Singh and Jayaprada from the Samajwadi party, which led to the rise of a new party called Rashtriya Lok Manch. Rashtriya Lok Manch was forced to face the elections in less than year of its launch. In one of her interviews, Jayaprada stated that Rashtriya Lok Manch in UP would repeat the results of NTR's 'prabhanjanam' in 1983. But the verdict given by the people of UP will leave her in a state of shock.

Reports say, Jayaprada has invested all her earnings to fund the Rashtriya Lok Manch. If so, she should get ready to face the worst phase of life in future!

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