Is 'Sexy' derogatory or compliment?

Is 'Sexy' derogatory or compliment?

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Mamta Sharma comments that the women should treat the word 'sexy' as a compliment, has created an uproar all over the country.

"If someone (group of boys or eve-teasers) calls you sexy, take that positively instead of getting provoked," said Mamta Sharma, while addressing a group of people at a seminar in Jaipur.

Religious outfits and several women's organizations have raised  serious objections to the remarks of NCW head. Mamta Sharma's comments have given scope for a debate on how actually the word 'sexy' should be treated.

Many people agree with the opinion that it's okay, if the family/relatives/friends call a girl/women sexy. But it's objectionable, if a stranger utter the same word to a girl passing by with a wrong intention. Sexy is the word used to describe the physical beauty, So one should be careful while using it. Everyone has their own views, while some may call it derogatory, others take it as a compliment.

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