'Dead Elephant' Still Makes Noise

'Dead Elephant' Still Makes Noise

She might have lost the elections, but her 'fire brand' attitude still battled for her voice. This is Maywati, the outgoing Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who has faced a stringent defeat from arch rival Samajwadi Party.

Finally, the time has come for Mayawati to submit her resignation as UP's CM to Governor BL Joshi. After tendering it, the 'elephant lady' spoke the media, though unusual. She accused the Congress of splitting votes and Muslims have voted for Samajwadi fearing the communal BJP. 'I'm accepting the verdict of people, but worried about their future in the hands of SP looters. I thank Dalits for still keeping faith in me by showing their loyalty', she said.

Mayawati stressed that the Mulayam-Akhilesh government will stop the development projects undertaken by BSP and will take the state backwards again. The 206 seat winner in 2007 had managed only to win 80 seats this time by facing the ire of people.

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