'Kiran Govt Will Collapse In Three Months'

'Kiran Govt Will Collapse In Three Months'

The results of polls in Northern India have given a fresh lease of life to the opposition here in Andhra Pradesh. They are now charged with energy like never before in predicting the downfall of congress.

This is time for TDP's senior leader Gali Muddukrishnam Naidu to take potshots at the ruling Kiran Kumar's government. He said, 'Congress will fall from throne in the next three months where all these by-poll results will smack them off to quit' Gali gave few equations to support his words. Congress is going to lose in all the by-poll constituencies and the support of 16 PRP seats and 7 MIM seats will not form a stable government.

Though they will have a majority, ministry aspirants in Congress, who are shown empty hands by Kiran are ready to ouster the party. Gali used the statements made by Minister DL Ravindra Reddy that TDP has developed the state and Congress is reaping profits of that development by looting people. 'Growing insurgency in the Congress MLAs and their don't care attitude for CM Kiran is enough to shun them off power, he concluded.

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