Rahul Gandhi's PM dreams shattered

Rahul Gandhi's PM dreams shattered

The Assembly poll results in the 5 states has come as a big shock to the Congress-led UPA government, which is working with a goal to make Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister of the country in 2014.

Congress faced a shameful defeat in 4 out of the 5 states. Out of the 403 seats in Uttar Pradesh, it managed to get just 37. In Punjab - 48 out of 117 seats, In Uttarakhand - 32 out of 70 seats and In Goa, 9 out of 40 seats. Manipur is the only state Congress managed to get the majority to form the government. Out of 60 seats, the National party won 42 constituencies.

The most shocking thing for the Congress leadership is the dismal performance of the party in the parliament constituencies Amethi and Rae Baeli, represented by AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi and AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi.

In Rae Baeli, Congress lost all the five Assembly constituencies. While in Amethi, the Congress managed to win in only two constituencies, out of the five. Out of the 10 Assembly constituencies in Amethi and Rae Baeli, Congress won just two of them. In 2007, Congress won seven Assembly constituencies both in Amethi and Rae Baeli.

This verdict is a reflection of people's rejection to the policies of Congress party at the centre. The results shattered the dreams of Rahul Gandhi to become Prime Minister and it would be tough for the Congress party to recover from this severe blow.

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