Jagan's Rowdies Attack Innocent People

Jagan's Rowdies Attack Innocent People

Promoting his party in the crucial Kovur constituency has become a hell for Jagan, with many things going out of hands. The other day, his rowdies have attacked the innocent people waiting for this 'maha neta' son.

Jagan's YSR Party sleuths have crossed the limits by campaigning even after scheduled time as directed by Election Commission. For the kind of charisma he has, people awaited his coming even at a late night to get a glimpse of their favorite leader's son. When some enthusiasts rushed to the 'promotion vehicle' of Jagan in a bid to shake their hand with him, his personal security (as said) attacked the innocent people like 'street rowdies'.

Though a case was not registered due to mounting pressure, YSR-CP is violating many rules like using number-plate removed vehicles, excess convoy with almost 40 cars (only 3 cars should be used as per EC), a police person said on condition of anonymity. It is ridiculous that other political parties remained tight lipped about this, as they are also breaching instructions!

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