SC-ST Atrocities Case On CPI Narayana

SC-ST Atrocities Case On CPI Narayana

For his satirical comments, CPI leader and state secretary Dr.Narayana was booked under the SC-ST Atrocities act. It was registered in the Hyderabad Gandhi Nagar police station.

The other day Narayana passed remarks on Major industries Minister Geetha Reddy that she concentrates more on her looks rather her work. However, he has taken the words back and personally phoned GeethaReddy to apologize. But, the Dalit MLAs from the ruling party have used this opportunity to nail and sling mud against this CPI leader by giving a caste twist to it. Under the leader ship of another Dalit minister, this case was launched against him with the magistrate ordering for a proceeding. 'He has show in upper-caste attitude again.

Will he dare to pass such remarks if we hail from a top-community', a Dalit leader questioned. Analysts say that the ruling party is using this opportunity only to malign the image of CPI in the T-region where a substantial number of SC-ST voters are present. Narayana's comments can be taken in a lighter vein and there is no need to pull a string out this useless issue, an educationist said.

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