Chandrababu calls Minister a street rowdy

Chandrababu calls Minister a street rowdy

A heated argument took place in the Assembly on Tuesday between TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu and Congress minister Danam Nagender.

"We wouldn't allow TDP MLAs to roam around Hyderabad from Tomorrow onwards. We will also make sure that Chandrababu has no address in Hyderabad," said Danam.

Responding to Danam Nagender's comments, Chandrababu said,"All of us are frightened of him (Danam Nagender), because he is Hyderabad rowdy. A rowdy has become a minister, so we are facing this situation. During TDP's regime, we succeeded in keeping these rowdies away from Hyderabad. You (Danam Nagender) can't even come out from your house, if TDP comes to power. Remember it! Like a street rowdy, Danam is warning the MLAs that he wouldn't allow them to roam in and around Hyderabad. We had seen thousands of rowdies like him. We would cut off his tail".

The usage of unparliamentary language in Assembly has become quite common. Incidents like this will tarnish the image of public representatives, but still they weren't ready to learn from their mistakes!

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