Cycle Sentiment Lifts TDP's Spirit!!!

Cycle Sentiment Lifts TDP's Spirit!!!

A record is created in Uttar Pradesh polls with Mulayam Singh scoring a bomb over the other parties including Congress and the ruling Bahujan Samajawadi party. Now, Telugudesam too wants to do the same, with the same 'cycle sentiment' off course.

Apparently, Mulayam run Samajwadi's election symbol is also 'cycle', which happens to be the emblem of our Telugudesam. Chandrababu is running high with this sentiment now, before saying 'it's time for regional parties to teach congress a lesson'. The TDP president is confident that they will roar triumph in the by-polls with the same 'cycle' by outplaying all other parties. Indirectly, he reprimanded TRS sleuths regarding how Mayawati who planned to divide the state of Uttar Pradesh into parts is ousted from power.

Till now, he is a bit strategic on the T-issue, but today he has stressed that even if the state gets separated, TDP will waive its flag as it had strong cadres all over the present state. Whether T-state comes or not, TDP will come to power and this is what the TDP supremo states. Let us see what will happen to his lifted spirit in the coming elections!

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