PA's Twist To Gali In CBI Court

PA's Twist To Gali In CBI Court

In a rather unexpected move, Gali Janardhan Reddy's PA gave him a twist in the CBI Court today in Bangalore. An hour back his PA, Ali Khan, surrendered to the CBI sleuths in a dramatic way.

Ali Khan is on the most wanted list of CBI from the time officials' collected his laptop from one of Gali's company. A lookout notice was issued then on Ali Khan, who is also a benami of Gali who looks after Devi Enterprises and Aditya Mining Copmany of the mining tycoon. He plays a major role in exporting iron ore to foreign countries from Karwar port. Shockingly, when Gali is about to attend the Bangalore court, Ali Khan's surrender came like a big help for CBI sleuths.

More information about Gali and his illegal activities can be extracted from him, a CBI source stated. On the other hand, Advocates of Gali have attacked the media sleuths in the court premises resulting injuries for 6 six journalists among which one's condition is serious. With Gali reaching his native place, twists are expected generally but Ali Khan's capture is a big win for the CBI.

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