'Tenali Psycho' Haunting AP Police!

'Tenali Psycho' Haunting AP Police!

A perverted killer from Guntur district is haunting the police department from a long time. Despite of some intelligent efforts, the AP police failed to nab the criminal who is giving shivers to ladies in and around Mangalagiri, Tenali and Guntur towns.

Like killer ready for vendetta, this psycho is terrorizing people, women especially, by trying to slit their throats. Three months, he has attacked almost 15 women who are alone and in isolated areas. Much to despair, one women succumbed to the injuries after a couple of days. As the police increased vigil, he went into oblivion for a couple of months and is now back to attacking again.

The other day, psycho attacked an old-couple from Tenali who were alone in their house waiting for their kids to. Frightened people are not going for sleep in the nights and are launching a man hunt for him. Intensified with fear, they are frightened even by a smallest disturbance caused by wind. The killer looks short with about 5feet height and wears a mask always to prevent someone capturing his picture, the police revealed. Girl students are finding it difficult to go for night studies though the intermediate exams are scheduled from tomorrow. Let us hope Police will unfold this mystery soon!

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