A Joyride With Girlfriend Is Costlier Now!!

A Joyride With Girlfriend Is Costlier Now!!

Generally, when youth go for joyrides with boyfriends or girlfriends, they tend to forget driving licenses, start enjoying with their mp3 players and thrill their pillion riders by speeds. Now, all this cannot be done so simply.

Earlier these mistakes are easily by passable for rich brats by shedding a 100 note against the traffic officer. The cabinet has now taken decision to raise the fines from 100 to 1000 as the motor accidents are on a sharp rise. Next time if someone catches you sporting an ipod or a Bluetooth headset in your ear, the fine will be up to 2000 rupees. If the same person is caught for a second time, other than fine you may end up in jail for 2-6 years. Provisions are made to fine the over speeding vehicles not less than Rs. 1000.

The amendments made in the Motor Vehicles Act now enables the cops to impose fine basing on the quantity of alcohol when someone is caught under drunken driving. This is surely tough news for joy riders but if they drive disciplined, many innocent lives that are falling prey for road accidents will be saved, say Traffic cops. All these amendments are to be approved by the RajyaSabha which is going to start its budget sessions soon.

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