Two Mistakes Made Me Loose Power: Chandrababu

Two Mistakes Made Me Loose Power: Chandrababu

With the D-day for by-polls approaching, netas started their 'confessions' to attract more vote-banks. TDP president and opposition leader Chandrababu took a chance to explain about the mistakes done by him that paid a price.

Chandrababu quoted that he has neglected the 'free power' and 'welfare schemes' which made people go against him. 'Had I not neglected them, the Congress bandicoots might not got this chance to loot the state', he stated in a rather dull tone. While talking about the alliance between TRS and Communists, he stated that they cannot get the separate state for life. 'KCR and Jagan combined to loot this state by making people fools in the name of Telangan', he fumed. However, the TRS cadres are also reacting sharply to these statements of TDP president.

'He tried to mortgage the state to World Bank and neglected farmer only on the basis of guidelines set by that bank. Why is he acting smart now,' a TRS party-worker commented. Both the parties are stating that the other will not get deposits in the by-polls. On the flip side, people are getting headache with kids' exams on one side and election-rally disturbances on another side.

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