Many girls had proposed to me: MLA

Many girls had proposed to me: MLA

Fomer minister and TDP MLA Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu has recollected the experiences during his college days, while speaking to the mediapersons in the Assembly lobby.

"Immediately after completing my education, I joined as a lecturer in a college. Though many girls have proposed to me when I was a lecturer, I never entertained them. In fact, a student of mine made indecent gestures like blinking her eyes looking at me and this continued for several days. One day, I called up her and gave a strict warning not to repeat it again. After this incident, the students stayed within their limits and never dared to cross the line," said Gali, refuting the allegations made against him by his opponents in the Assembly.

Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu stated that he is a disciplined man who always followed ethics & moral values. Gali claimed that he sticked to 'Rama' though he had given the chance to become 'Krishna', but only time will prove what's his real color is!

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