CPI digs its grave with new alliance in Telangana

CPI digs its grave with new alliance in Telangana

The democratic system of India gives space to any number of political parties to come and make their presence felt. Right now, the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh has become more dependent on alliances than singular parties. However, the single largest opposition TDP has received a setback.

The communists comprising of CPI and CPM have ditched TDP and CPI in particular has joined hands with TRS for the forthcoming by-polls. This has left TDP to fight a lone battle. But the political analysts have a different view to it. They mention that by this alliance CPI has dug its grave in Telangana region.

Apparently, in the long term the 2014 elections hold a crucial phase for Telangana. And recent analysis has shown that TRS is losing its ground. So, TDP has a strong edge over other parties. And today, with CPI abandoning them, it would be hard for them to negotiate in terms of seat sharing with TDP in 2014 as they are bound to return and join hands with TDP. Let us see how this goes.

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