'YSR Won 2009 Elections Through Rigging'

'YSR Won 2009 Elections Through Rigging'

Some firebrand politicians of India are always ready with their canons to breathe fire into any small sight of corruption. One such leader is Subrahmanya Swamy from Janata Dal and here goes his story about YSR's deeds.

While speaking with the media the other day in Hyderabad, Swamy spared no one from YSR to Sonia. 'YSR had won the 2009 elections only by rigging through EVMs. The congress party is committing to an electronic fraud in winning the elections', he quipped. He went on saying that the present election commissioner Qureshi and earlier title bearer Naveen Chawla are just rubber stamps. YSR congress party leaders are going gaga over these statements of Swamy, but refused to give comments about it.

On the other hand, the congress leaders also remain tightlipped about these allegations of him. After YSR, Swamy questioned about why Sonia's health status is not made public and revealed that she is suffering from 'pancreatic cancer'. He alleged that she is using the money of Government to get treated in USA unlike our prime-minster who got treated for his heart-ailment in Hyderabad's Apollo. Let us see how our politicians will respond to his assertions.

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