Superstar Krishna's Shady Land Deal

Superstar Krishna's Shady Land Deal

Another mega land scam unearthed in the city with the Hyderabad authorities finding abnormalities, can cost the government a whopping Rs. 2030 crores. Among which, Superstar Krishna's share of 450 crores shocks one and all!

In a startling revelation, the Hyderabad district authorities revealed that the land given to Superstar at a nominal price was alienated to Zee Tele Films (Zee Studios) violating rules. Between 2008-09, Padmalaya Studios owned by this veteran actor procured 9.2 acres of prime land in Shaikpet (aka Jubilee Hills) which had a market rate of 456 crore rupees. The entire process was known as 'mutation deal', under which Krishna should not sell his land to others. Off course, earlier there were protests against Padmalaya's mutation deals, but still the then collector of Hyd, Naveen Mittal has done everything in favor of Krishna and Zee Studios, says reports. The sources claimed that a city minister, a former revenue minister and an MLC played crucial roles in these illegal mutations, sources claimed.

Insiders are saying that Krishna liquidated his assets to meet the growing financial debts and he is saved by none other than late YSR at that time. With the 'maha neta' demise, scams started surfacing one by one shocking beneficiaries like Krishna. Watch this space for more interesting updates!

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